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YOU are a discerning, sophisticated person who appreciates the fine quality things in life, including fashionable jewelry.  You understand value, you are inspired by unique, yet tastefully exquisite & timeless pieces that add to YOUR style.

You…are also a contemporary person who not only understands value & quality…but you recognize extraordinary opportunities when they present…You may also have interest in having your own business…utilizing Your own social media…and you may or may not have the time or resources typically needed to start your own business…GEMS & JOY can provide you with the unique opportunity to have your own business…investing ZERO dollars, while having unlimited upside…Zero Risk!

US...Gems and Joy is a UNIQUE business…actually a combination of two successful businesses…Gems & Joy combines both a high end retailer of high quality designer jewelry, offered at reasonable prices…AND we offer a unique opportunity to start and grow your own business…with ZERO investment of your money…and only a minimal amount of time and effort.

The principals of Gems & Joy, a family owned & run business, bring the best of the NYC Diamond District right to your device…Bringing more than 20 years of successful jewelry design, manufacturing and sales business experience, we have combined two successful business models into a new unique entity…that offers some of the finest, quality, up to date jewelry fashions…at attractive prices…AND one that offers an extraordinary business franchise, with zero investment cost whatsoever.  Our successful principals residing in NYC, began knocking on doors on 47th street, and with a background in design, marketing and keen sense of what YOU want, David and Danielle grew the business into an internationally recognizable business, employed thousands of self starters, having bought and sold to more than 100,000 happy customers.  The principals of Gems & Joy have been featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and numerous other publications.

WE…together…WE can share the JOYS of high end, well designed, well manufactured Gems and Jewelry.  We can share the benefits of a large company with the benefits of a small family run business with experienced and hands on ownership involvement…

Whether you enjoy buying one piece, many pieces or team with us and market our fine pieces on your social media make money full time or in your spare time, we know you will find Joy in dealing with Gems and Joy.